Summary of All Things Nordic #14

Denmark: Danish Superliga: F.C. Copenhagen win 14th title | “Nordic Portraits” podcast | Danish/Italian movie ‘Toscana’ (Netflix) review | A brief introduction to Fyn

Finland: ‘Kersantin poika’: a novel by Veijo Meri | Q1/2022: Finnair launches savings programme | Labour shortage in Finland

Iceland: ‘Iceland Noir’ 2022 literature festival | Breiðablik: Association Football, multi-sports club (Kópavogur) | Iceland: it’s whale watching season! | Fantasy, a genre for Icelandic writers?

Norway: United Airlines returned to Bergen | The Scandinavian History Podcast: ‘Commonwealth in crisis’ | Fjordkraftligaen: Norwegian ice hockey premier division | FHI: Norway and monkeypox infections

Sweden: ‘Seven Words on the Metro’: a poetry collection novel by Karl Vennberg | Monstrum Playground: ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ (Helsingborg) | ‘Roseanna’: a crime novel by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö

Scandinavia & Nordic Countries: Scandinavia leads the ‘Press Freedom Index’ 2022 | Defense ministers from Finland and Sweden discuss Nordic cooperation on border to Russia | May the Nordic Countries save the Arctic cooperation?

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