More than a week after the explosions involving the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea, the gas leaks continue. On Saturday, Russian energy giant Gazprom had announced that one of the two lines, Nord Stream 2, was no longer leaking. Claims denied yesterday by the Swedish Coast Guard, according to which the gas leaks from the pipes have not only not stopped, but have even increased in size. After a flight over the affected sites, the leak from Nord Stream 1 was no longer visible, while the smaller one from Nord Stream 2 is slightly larger and the bubbles on the surface have reached more than 30 metres. Meanwhile, while the clash between Moscow and the West continues over the origin of the damage, Gazprom has nonetheless evoked the possibility of returning to supplying gas to Europe in the near future via the undamaged B line of Nord Stream 2, whose entry into operation had been blocked by Germany on the eve of the invasion of Ukraine. The integrity of the system would have to be checked first, and the supervisory authorities should confirm this possibility.