The Swedish newspaper Expressen published a video and photographs of the damage to the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline caused by explosions on 26 September: the pipeline was hit in its underwater section in the Baltic Sea. Shot with an underwater drone by the company Blueye Robotics at a depth of 80 metres, the video shows that 50 metres of the pipeline were destroyed by the explosion: at the ends of this section, the steel and concrete of which the pipe is made appear torn. Nord Stream 1 and 2 are two pipelines built to bring Russian natural gas to Europe, but Nord Stream 2 never came into operation due to tensions between Russia and the European Union. Nord Stream 1, on the other hand, was shut down by the Russian state-owned energy company Gazprom in August, after months in which it had been operating at reduced capacity: officially due to technical problems, but more likely in retaliation for the sanctions imposed on the Russian government for the invasion of Ukraine. Both pipelines, however, were full of natural gas, all of which leaked after the sabotage, which the international community suspects Russia of. Read more on