‘The Bar’ from Valio website

Finnish dairy products manufacturer Valio is designing the chocolate taste of the future with the help of Artificial Intelligence. ‘The Bar’ is the milk chocolate of dreams, gathering the wishes of more than one million milk chocolate lovers: its recipe is based on an analysis of the thoughts, cravings and tastes of milk chocolate lovers around the world. The AI analysis was carried out by the Finnish company ‘Aiwo Digital’ that investigated online conversations about the product, over 1.5 million discussions on social media, cross-referencing them with hundreds of interviews with people about their chocolate preferences, all in collaboration with Valio’s consumar insight team. The insights were then transferred to the chocolate company ‘Kultasuklaa’, which finally produced a proof of concept of ‘The Bar’ made with 30% less sugar and no lactose, starting with the Finnish dairy company’s milk powder. With the ‘Valio Bettersweet’ solution, the taste of milk chocolate remains the same even if the amount of sugar is reduced: it is a strong answer to the growing awareness of health challenges that are affecting the confectionery industry, with governments around the world already starting to regulate sugar use and consumption. Taste and sweetness are very important, but at the same time consumers want milk chocolate to be healthier and more natural, with less sugar.

“The recipe for a healthier dream chocolate was based on AI’s findings: five different chocolates with less sugar. Each chocolate has a different taste and texture designed to fit a different use case: impulse, craving, delight, hunger and relaxation. From bite to bite new sensations get discovered and gradually build upon each other. The topographic design of the bar designed by professional designers allows the layers to be easily separated for enjoyment at the suitable time.” [from Valio website]