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Romina Pourmokhtari is the new Environment Minister, the youngest (26) in the Sweden’s history. A climate activist and feminist, she deeply loves the freedom of peoples and is convinced that in liberalism lie the right tools to erase oppression and patriarchy. In short: according to Pourmokhtari, capitalism can be a means against oppression. Elected in the ranks of the Liberal party, one of the most distant from the positions of the nationalist right (in the political spectrum of the new government), Pourmokhtari was one of the most critical voices on the collaboration with the ‘Swedish Democrats‘, the ultra-right formation that was decisive for the election victory. Climate, feminism, school and freedom are the issues she is most passionate about: it all started at the age of 13, on the rooftops of Tehran, at the height of the demonstrations against Ahmadinejad. Her passion will clash, first and foremost, with a government that has relegated the environment to the bottom of its agenda, as the new prime minister Ulf Kristersson said yesterday: ‘The new government has to lead the country through four very challenging tasks: gang violence, recession, the energy crisis and joining NATO’. If Romina Pourmokhtari were not part of a centre-right government, she could be the picture of the rising star of a progressive party, but it should be remembered that value categories in Swedish politics have different weights and shades, often veering to the left. Read more on Nyheter24.se