Lilyhammer is a crime comedy-drama television series that starred former The Sopranos’ actor and E.Street Band’s guitarist Steven Van Zandt as the former New York-based gangster Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano who was trying to start a new life in isolated Lillehammer, Norway. The first season premiered on Norwegian NRK1 on 25 January 2012 with a record audience of 998,000 viewers (one fifth of Norway’s population), and then premiered on Netflix in North America on 6 February 2012: Lilyhammer was promoted as “the first time Netflix offered exclusive content”. The spelling of the series title ‘Lilyhammer’ alludes to the way that Tagliano and some other anglophones pronounce the town’s name. The series produced three seasons, with the final episode aired on 17 December 2014. On 22 July 2015, Van Zandt posted on Twitter that the series had been cancelled, and the following day Netflix confirmed it. Van Zandt’s character Frank Tagliano draws several parallels with his character Silvio Dante from the HBO series The Sopranos: although they are meant to be different, the two characters share most traits. In the last episode, Bruce Springsteen makes a cameo appearance as Frank’s other brother, working as an undertaker in New York. Read more on IMDB