‘Matmissionen’ is a social food store that does good for both people and the environment: through Matmissionen, one can contribute to reduced food waste and, as a member, one can get to buy food at very low prices. Matmissionen is a store concept developed by ‘Stockholm City Mission’ together with ‘Axfood’, and which involves food that would otherwise have gone to waste being used and sold in a social store where members can buy goods at a third or less of the usual store price. In the stores, there is also an opportunity for people who are far from the labor market to get job training. Matmissionen Skåne is located in the Mobilia shopping center in Malmö: the store is open weekdays 11-16 and Saturdays 10-14. Only members can shop at Matmissionen and an appointment is needed to shop in the store. It is possible to book a maximum of two appointments a week. Read more on Skanestadsmission.se