The ‘Winter Exhibition’ is our second exhibition of local artists which opened in November. The initial Open Call invited multi-disciplinary artists from Skåne and Greater Copenhagen to apply and the exhibition was juried by the Nordic Art Agency and curated by Gry Hammarlund & Lars Herman Hegg. Artists Exhibiting include: Stella Lindhagen, Magbule Lutolli, Anne Louise Blicher, Cesilia Per, Eva Myrdal Linstow, Gitte Valentiner – Branth, Jingbei Zheng, Jennifer Idrizi, Johanna Landin, Jonna Wakeham Ölund, Frida Rådlund, Lea Norrman Firus, Matteo Rosa and Mia Hultgren. On this podcast episode Art Advisor Ebba Davidson and Gallery Founder Juliet Rees Nilsson are in conversation with three of the participating artist, Lea Firus, Jennifer Idrizi and Mia Hultgren discussing their exhibited works and unique artist practices. The Winter Exhibition is open 7 days a week at the Nordic Art Agency at Hansa from 10:00 – 19:00 until January 20th. View & purchase all works in the exhibition by visiting

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