Stockholm said no to Ankara’s request to extradite journalist Bulent Kenes, an action demanded by Erdogan himself. Kenes is allegedly guilty of being part of the Gulenist movement and of being involved in the so-called failed coup of 2016, but according to the Swedish High Court there are no grounds for extradition because he is charged with political offences for which he could be persecuted. In short, for the Stockholm judiciary Kenes is not a terrorist. The decision could have heavy repercussions on the ratification of Stockholm’s NATO membership: Turkey remains the last country to have to give the green light. As a conditio sine qua non, Erdogan had set the extradition of twenty-one alleged Kurdish and Gulenist terrorists. A month ago, Erdogan had emphasised that the extradition of the reporter was very important and had asked Sweden for ‘sensitivity on this file’: the issue complicates the accession process and it remains to be seen whether Turkey will go so far as to veto Stockholm’s entry into the Atlantic Alliance.