ROKS is a laid-back sister restaurant to KOKS. Somewhat light-hearted, ROKS keeps the emphasis on the best quality Faroese seafood, combining both modern and classic cooking techniques. Here at ROKS we love to play around a little with food and flavours, so guests can expect a hands on experience delivered with a professional and friendly service. Regarding wines, ROKS is the cozy and playfull octopus of wines! ROKS aims to offer our guests a sea of possibilities, that’s why we have a wide selection of wine by the glass: so please go exploring, and do some experimenting with new tastes! Our cellar embraces both conventional and organic wines, mostly old world, but seasoned with some tasty detours. Share a bottle or two with good friends and family, and let ROKS indulge you.

Mantas Vaidelis, Head Chef
Lars Brønden Nicolajsen, Restaurant Manager
Tóroddur Poulsen, Artist

Imagine a special party with 10 of your favorite colleagues, family members or friends. Imagine you in the cabin on board the Northern Lights. Imagine the maritime and intimate surroundings, the good music, the wave of the century … and a very special menu from the kitchen at ROKS!

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