As the climate warms due to global heating, and with up to 23 hours of summer sun to ripen innovative varieties, commercial wineries are booming in Sweden. Across most of the northern hemisphere, the grape harvest finished months ago, but in a small vineyard not far from Stockholm, in temperatures of -8C and 15cm of snow, it’s only just begun. Blaxsta winery claims to be one of the world’s most northerly vineyards, and they started the harvest last week. The first grapes were planted 22 years ago, when it was one of Sweden’s only commercial wineries: now it is one of a growing number in the Scandinavian country that experts predict is on its way to becoming a wine destination. Blaxsta’s vidal blanc grapes get up to 23 hours of daylight in the peak of summer before being turned into an award-winning ice wine, sold to Michelin-starred restaurants. While comparatively small at 150 hectares, Sweden’s vineyards have expanded by 50% in the last two years, and within five years they are expected to more than double in size. Long term, it is predicted they could grow to 10.000 hectares and become a new billion euro industry. Read the full, interesting article on