In this episode of Icelandic Art Center’s podcast “Out There” Becky and Tinna talk with Maria Alyokhina, or Masha from Pussy Riot, about the exhibition Velvet Terrorism in Kling & Bang Gallery which has generated an important response in the local and international context. The exhibition comes to a close for now this coming Sunday at the end of January 2023. This conversation covers the  first presentation of Pussy Riot’s political actions in the exhibition and Putin’s war on Ukraine. Masha speaks about her own personal experiences and Pussy Riot’s efforts to raise awareness around the complexities and nuances about the past and current social and political situation in Russia.

Created and produced by the ‘Icelandic Art Center’, ‘Out There’ brings host Becky Forsythe and Þórhildur Tinna Sigurðardóttir @tindilfaetta in conversation with artists, curators and art professionals…

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