The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) has announced that the first permanent exhibition on Danish Architecture, titled “So Danish!”, will open on March 24, 2023, in Copenhagen. The exhibition tells the story of the evolution of architecture in Denmark, from the Viking Age to the present day: it aims to help visitors understand the role, influence and centrality of architecture in the Danish democratic society and culture. The corpus of works presented cover all levels of scale, from buildings and urban spaces to infrastructure projects and landscape architecture.

Specific installations aim to resurrect iconic buildings and bring them to life through small, enveloping cinematic experiences that recreate the feeling of standing in the physical building. The opening event of the exhibition (evening of March 23) at the DAC, proposes a ‘Building Battle’: significant voices from the field of architecture will help visitors decide which building deserves the title of “The Most Iconic Building” in Danish architecture. The event also includes an acoustic jazz concert, opening speeches, and dinner at the DAC Café. The ‘So Danish!’ exhibition is part of Copenhagen’s architecture-focused program for this year, following UNESCO’s proclamation of Copenhagen as the ‘World Capital of Architecture’ for 2023. The city is also hosting the ‘UIA World Congress of Architects‘, open between July 2 and July 6, 2023, an event that has recently announced its program and guiding themes. Other anticipated events include the Copenhagen Architecture Festival, the Film Mosaic competition, and the Open House Copenhagen.