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Exhibitions (July 2023)

‘Trapholt Museum’ presents a steady succession of exhibitions on art, design and crafts and also boasts its own collections, including a large collection of Danish furniture design. Inaugurated in 1988, the museum is located in a scenic area overlooking the Kolding Fjord. It is set within a large sculpture park featuring works by contemporary Danish artists. The museum’s architecture is an attraction in itself. Arranged around a central museum street, the exhibition rooms offer many fascinating spaces to explore. Outside, a powerfully sculptural wall separates the museum from the park.

Arne Jacobsen ‘Kubeflex’

Many are familiar with Arne Jacobsen’s world-famous chair designs: the 7 chair, the Ant, the Swan and the Egg. But only few know that the Danish architect and designer also created a modular summerhouse. Known as Kubeflex, the design revolves around cube-shaped modules that can be combined to suit individual needs, enabling the house to change its layout and size as required. Arne Jacobsen designed Kubeflex in 1969–70, just one year before his death in 1971, but it never entered production. Until 2002, the Jacobsen family used the house as a summerhouse. It arrived at Trapholt in 2005. The only one of its kind, the house is decorated with Arne Jacobsen designs inside. The Kubeflex house gives Trapholt a unique opportunity to show Arne Jacobsen’s designs in a house designed by the master himself. Visitors will find interiors set out as dining and living rooms, incorporating examples of Arne Jacobsen’s other designs, such as the Vola line of faucets and the Cylinda-line series. Audiences are treated to an immersive experience of the internationally renowned architect’s designs, which beautifully complements the museum’s large collection of furniture by Danish architects and designers. Kubeflex was a pioneering contribution to the flexible architecture created back in the late 1960s. Preserved at Trapholt, Kubeflex will continue to inspire, amaze and delight guests from around the world for many years to come. Trapholt organises daily guided tours of the Kubeflex house; these tours are free for all museum visitors with a valid ticket.

‘Connect me’

Human x Nature x Technology How do I connect with the world?
The exhibition CONNECT ME focuses on our connections with the world. In a time of climate crisis, growing inequality, insecurity and loneliness, there is a need for new ways of connecting. Through the works on display, the exhibition explores how connections define who we are: Am I nature? Am I relationships? Am I technology?

Olafur Eliasson for ‘Connect me’
Malene Landgreen ‘Flow of change’

The exhibition Flow of Change features the acclaimed Danish artist Malene Landgreen (b. 1962). Take the opportunity to step inside a vast, immersive painting when Trapholt invites you on a voyage through darkness, light and colour this January. Through a series of new works and installations, Landgreen challenges the physical limits of classic painting and its traditionally flat surface. Malene Landgreen explores the physical boundaries of painting in her work, letting colour, light and space envelop us. Her thorough activation of floors and walls evokes the experience of actually entering a painting. The exhibition will be an immersive installation spanning 280 m2 of floor space, where the interaction between one’s own physical, sensing self and the painterly physiology of the room is palpably felt to poignant effect. As we move from one room to the next, we become embroiled in a flow of light-hearted encounters with colours and shapes – hence the exhibition title Flow of Change. Landgreen’s playful approach to art manifests itself in this exhibition as small references to elements such as chess games and playing cards. Malene Landgreen is a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. She has carried out a range of significant public commissions, including works for Rigshospitalet, Novo Nordisk and Aarhus University. Landgreen is represented in several collections at Danish art museums, including the National Gallery of Denmark, KUNSTEN and the Kastrupgård Collection. Most recently, in 2022, the artist received the highest distinction found within Danish visual art when she was awarded the Thorvaldsen Medal.

Astrid Skibsted: ‘Data Mirror’

Find out what data Google and Facebook store about you. Then turn your data trail into an embroidery and become part of a vast, communal work of art. This was the call issued in the spring of 2022 from Trapholt. A total of 630 people from all over Denmark accepted the challenge and became part of the large project, which eventually produced the six-metre-tall artwork Data Mirror. In the spring of 2022, Trapholt invited the Danes to delve into their personal data through the creative channels of crafts. A total of 630 individuals and 34 drop-in centres became part of the project and, with the help of an algorithm developed for the purpose, examined their personal data trail and the information they leave behind on Facebook and Google. The participants then went on to convert these tracks into personal embroideries which together form the six-metre-tall Data Mirror. Textile artist Astrid Skibsted created the overall artistic vision subsequently brought to life by the many individual contributions. The artwork has emerged out of the meeting between the unifying artistic framework and the many individual contributions.

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