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Copenhagen. Bentley Motors is celebrating 20 years of presence in Denmark through Bentley Copenhagen. The anniversary also coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Continental GT. Launched in 2003, the grand tourer was the first completely new Bentley of the modern era, the first with all-wheel drive and to feature the innovative W12 engine. Twenty years ago, the first car sold by Bentley Copenhagen was a Continental GT Dark Sapphire. For the celebration, two Continental GT models will be on display at Bentley Copenhagen, a facility operated by Semler Gruppen and the brand’s only retail partnership in Denmark. The first is a Continental GT Convertible S in Orange Flame, the second a Continental GT Convertible Speed in Opalite, with the W12 TSI whose orders will cease in mid-November in Europe as Bentley moves towards an electrified future with its Beyond100 strategy.