The ‘Synthetic Party‘, a new Danish political party with an artificially intelligent representative (a chatbot named Leader Lars) and policies derived from AI, hopes to run in the country’s next general election and is eyeing a seat in parliament. Founded in May by the artist collective ‘Computer Lars‘ and the non-profit art and tech organization ‘MindFuture Foundation‘, the ‘Synthetic Party’ is programmed on the policies of Danish fringe parties since 1970 and is meant to represent the values of the 20% of Danes who do not vote in the election. Leader Lars won’t be on the ballot anywhere, but anyone can address Leader Lars on Discord: the AI understands English but writes back to you in Danish. People from Denmark and from around the world interact with the AI by submitting new perspectives and new textual information: the dataset is collected and it helps the AI fine-tuning, so that every interaction partly contributes to the development of the AI. Read more on Vice