Halló! And Happy Halloween!

To celebrate spooky season, Rob and Ellie bring together two recent Icelandic B-Movie horror-comedies. First up is Elvar Gunnarsson’s trippy ‘It Hatched’ in which a baby is born from an egg laid by a human woman in a guesthouse in a remote fjord. If that doesn’t sounds bonkers, then the rest of the film will do the convincing! This is followed by comedy troupe Leikhópurinn X’s ‘Thirst’ or Þorsti from 2019, a film about a 1,000 year-old gay vampire and his unlikely friendship with a recovering drug user. It features buckets of blood and the most gore of any Icelandic film covered on the pod so far; probably of any Icelandic movie in fact !So grab some beers and popcorn, get together with some mates, and settle in for a riotous B-movie double bill and then hear what Rob and Ellie have to say about these unique horror movies! And keep your eyes peeled for Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir!

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