Halló! This week, for Rob and Ellie’s fifth trip around the cinema of Iceland, they head back out to the countryside for some creepy goings on at a remote cabin… The film under discussion this week is Erlingur Thoroddsen’s ‘Rift’, or ‘Rokkur’ from 2017. Gunnar (Björn Stefánsson) and Einar (Sigurður Þór Óskarsson) get to grips with their fractured relationship amid some spooky situations in the middle of nowhere. Questions abound in this stunningly shot and brilliantly acted indie horror movie. Available in the UK to rent or buy on Amazon or to stream on Flix Premiere or Revry.

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Artwork designed by Sophie Watts (justahappyspace)

Music by Branches Bare (‘Half-light’ from the EP ‘In the Origami Folds of the Night You Rip the Seam of Sleep Wide Open)

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