Finnmarksløpet. As an 11-year-old, Hanna watched Finnmarksløpet from the sofa corner at home in Bergen. At that moment the dream was born, Hanna was going to become a dog driver! 7 years later, Hanna was a pupil at the Dog
Driving Line @altafolkehogskole. The year after, she worked as a shopper at Trasti & Trine before moving on to a cybersecurity study in Bergen and Silicon Valley. After 3 years of studies, the dream of driving the Finnmarksløpet had not become any smaller. So when the opportunity to be a handler at Harald Tunheim at Alta Folkehøgskole appeared, Hanna was not difficult to ask. 14 years later the dream became reality! On
Saturday Hanna started on FL-600, and on Tuesday she drove to the finish line to an impressive 12. place! The Finnmark race means a lot to the students
at Alta Folkehøgskole and has always been a great inspiration. Every year new dreams are created of one day running the Finnmarksløpet and every year former students start! We are very grateful to meet the students from
Folkehøgskolen, both the current students who help before and during the Finnmarksløpet, and former students who set to start with the goal of completing the race

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