The LEGO® Jazz Club set (10312) comes with 15 sets of bags and some numbers even have multiple bags: it is a beautiful looking set with loads of fun details and display potential. Modular collectors and city builders will certainly enjoy adding this set to their downtown cores.

The Jazz Club looks amazing from both the inside and the outside: it features two buildings with three businesses and it occupies the majority of the build. However, the smaller side-building also has a pizzeria and a tailor. The Jazz Club set contains bright colors and loads of interesting detail and building techniques: anyway the set contains no stickers, as all the signage consists of printed bricks.

LEGO® also included a bathroom under the stairs in the club; however, in an effort to create two buildings on one baseplate, the interior spaces became a little cramped. In terms of building techniques, one can learn some interesting angles: for example, you assemble the stage into a corner, which is cool, and the entry to Jazz Club has the most intriguing angle.

Jazz Club #10312
Icons (Modular Buildings Collection)
2899 bricks and 8 minifigures
Release date: January 1, 2023